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Expertise in emotional design, design semantics and cross-cultural visual communication

NEW ! Training program Design Semantics 2016

A fundamental training package of four days in which meaning and emotional design as a design strategy are key.

Colors, shapes, textures, symbols and metaphors are important elements of visual communication. Yet most designers can not immediately explain why they make certain choices. Often they follow their gut feelings. To control the effects of imagery a better awareness of its significance and emotional functioning is necessary. The training programme Design Semantics offers a scientific method that enables gut feeling and knowledge to collaborate successfully. ... Continue reading


To help us serve you better with our apps, services and training, we conduct periodic surveys to understand how you experience products and events, with your unique personality as a key. Please take a moment and tell us more about your taste, food, drink and dining experience. It's fun. The survey takes only 12 minutes to complete. All responses are completely anonymous. > TAKE SURVEY

Emotional reactions on works of art
Research presentation

If art could speak, what would you hear? Art takes us through her imagery in a state of mind and arouses emotions. During the Belgian Day of Science on November 22, 2015 people could experience the artworks of the museum Mayer van den Bergh in Antwerp in a totally new way. By means of interaction and information scientist and artist Inez Michiels made more than 140 visitors aware of their view on art.
> Read more about this research on the Artesis/Plantijn website (in Dutch) ...

We help you turn your message into affective visual language